Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I kinda fell off the wagon there. I started the blog and then did nothing. Not a very good start if you ask me.

But I restated on Wednesday and I finally am going in the right direction. Here is the break down from my last 2 days.

Thursday, December 1
Calories in: 2052
Calories out: 2905
Deficit: 853
Physical Activity: 37 minutes
Steps: 5607
Comments: I had an awesome, first day restart! Shouldn't have eaten the late snack and I would have been much better off.

Friday, December 2
Calories in: 1826
Calories out: 3342
Deficit: 1516
Physical Activity: 47 minutes
Steps: 4225
Comments: Did much better today. I drank a couple cans of soda and need to cut it out.

As of this morning I am down .9 lbs. So if I am planning on lost about 2lbs a week I am right on track for this week. If you are wondering how I got the numbers above it's because I track my food, every single bite and I wear a BodyBugg (that thing the biggest loser people wear). I love mine and the insight that it give  me into what I'm actually doing with my body and day.