Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Working on it

I bought my husband cheeseburgers and we talked about our vacation.

Somehow even though it all stayed the same I feel better about it.

He was mad at me about changing the plans and I really should have known better. Also in retreading the last post guess I really did write out some of what I did too. Like the fact that I never talked about if we would go to my grandmothers or moms. I kinda told him they wanted us to go and this is where I thought it would fit. My husband doesn't tolerate changes in plans at all. You figure I would know this 8 years later.

We also talked about the trip being cut short and it's not really to punish me it's more because he really needs to get home for work. We work for ourselves so just because we can leave doesn't mean we should. I still think it kinda feels like punishment but I'll get over it.

The bottom line is that everyone is calm now and everyone is getting something they can live with and not feeling left out of the decision.

I also finally got around to putting my food logs into the computer and updating my bodybugg. I have been off plan for 3 days now. Ever since I missed my water goal on day 3 of the #7daychip challenge I kinda lost it. So to get back on track I got everything up to date. Turns out its not so bad. I'm nowhere near the -1000 calories a day I should be at but I was at the worst day -255 calories. Even though I was bad I should still see a lower number on the scale. Even a -0.2 would be good as long as we are going in the right direction.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Plans and Replanning

As I have talked about before we are leaving for Christmas very soon. We are planning on staying with my In-laws for 13 days with the possibility of also going to see my grandmother who is 4 hours of where we are going.

Today my mother, who I have not talked to for several year (4 or 5) would like the kids to come and see them for a day or two. Now my son is Autistic and will not stay with most people but he loves my parents and we would be staying at a hotel near by that they offered to pay for. That way if anything happens we are pretty close and can take care of it.

This is where the problem starts.

Trying to fit everyone in I proposed that we could leave on on the same day, Go to my parents for the night, Go to his parents for 6 nights, to my grandmothers for 2 nights, and then back to his parents for 4 nights. He freaked out and had a fit. Now were not talking about I told him this is what we are doing, I mean I went and said what do you think about this plan? He freaked.

Finally when he was calmer I asked him to come down and talk about it. He looked at the calendar and told me that instead we would go to his parents for 6 nights, my grandmothers for 2 and then my mothers for the night effectively cutting our trip short by 4 days and 3 nights. As he walked away he made a comment that it didn't matter if we were going to be home early on new years since he wasn't going to get what he wants anyways.

So again I asked him, when he was calmer, exactly what he ment and what he wanted. His response was that he wanted to go to his parents for the whole 13 nights and that's it. And then he said that reguardless it would be so much longer to do it my way rather then his. I looked it up but didn't tell him. His way 1,493 miles - My way 1,543. 50 Miles.

OK? Seriously? And not see any of my family at all?
It's now just that he's being a baby and only wanted to see his family, who I should mention we just saw last since they came to visit us. But the fact that why would you want to put me in that position. I love his parents and they are super nice and all, but who wants to be in someone else's house for 13 days. Unless it was going to one of my parents homes, or my grandmothers, I would feel weird anywhere but a hotel. I figured if we saw someone else it would break up the trip and didn't think twice about it when I talked about going to go and see my grandmother. Before now he had not said anything about going to see her at all other then if we were able to afford it we could go. I have talked the whole time about going in the middle of the trip because I wanted to break the trip by

Oh Yea, that's another thing. I must have mentioned breaking the trip up 50 times since I stated that I wanted to go to my grandmother. Today he tells me that I didn't say anything and that he always planned on leaving early and going to see her at the end. Great only 11 days at my In-laws.

I'm at a stand still with him and it's to the point where I told everyone that we are not going anywhere. It was all still waiting to be finalized anyways. I figure at least if he gets his way 1 person will get be happy because if I get what I want he's just going to be such a baby that he's going to make everyone else miserable too.

Great. Merry Christmas to me. Since me and the husband don't exchange gifts I guess I get nothing at all this year.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weighing In On Christmas

Well from the topic you can tell that I am going to talk about 2 things. Weighing In and Christmas and maybe a bit of weighing in on Christmas.

First of all I did weigh in just this morning and I am now 275.6 lbs so I am down 4.4 lbs. Not all that bad. It's progress and as long as it keeps on going in that direction I'm happy with it. I can always work on tweeking it later.

As for Christmas. It's sure coming fast this year. It's only 5 days until we leave to go and stay with my In-Laws. My husband told them that we are going to stay until Jan 2nd and I don't think that when he planned that he realized that it ment we would be there for almost 2 weeks. I have talked to my Grandmother in Ft. Lauderdale and she says that we are welcome to come and stay with her for a few days. I am trying to plan on going for the 27th through 29th. If we do that they the rest of the trip is broken up and it will not feel like we are being a burden on anyone in particular.

Now comes the hard part for my diet and exercise plans. I am going to be away from home for almost 14 days. I know I said it above but it's different when you think about it in the terms of eating and moving. I am pretty much at someone else cooking whim for 14 days.

So here is the plan:

1. Buy a case of Slim fast and use in emergancy if food is way, way out of what I am going to be able to eat. (My husband is Puerto Rican so rice, beans, and fried stuff with EVERY SINGLE MEAL)
2. Buy snacks that I can eat and keep them in our space so they all don't get eaten
3. Buy lots of fruit and veggies and cook them for everyone to go with the meals that my MIL prepares.

1. Walk - ALOT - We used to live near by so this is easy as I know all of the walking tracks and neighborhoods near by
2. Zumba - My SIL is an instructor and I have been resisting her for years now. I think it's finally time to get over it and get on with it for my own good.
3. I am talking my Wii and all of my workout games with me. The bedroom that we stay in is big enough to set it up on the tv and have enough room to follow through.

So that is my plan. If you have any tips people let me know in the comments. I'm just trying to get though this for the first time. I have always used the excuse of but it's a VACATION and you don't diet on vacation. Well not this time buddy. This ass is not getting any bigger this time around.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creepy Landlords

I have had many, many landlords in my life. We have always lived in houses and only once did I rent an apartment and have to deal with a company. It's usually just the landlord and us. Most of the landlords we have had are just fine. They want their rent, they do a yearly walk through, and they are done.

Except the landlords that we have now. They are a couple and they creep me out. They are not creepy looking or have creepy personalities like some people that you don't even want to stand near. Actually as people if you met them out in a restaurant they are perfectly normal people and you wouldn't think twice. That's what we thought until we moved in.

First off they insist on doing a full walk through of the house every 3 months. They also tie this is with not allowing us to change any air filter, water filter, or septic solution by ourselves they maintain that it must be done properly and for that to happen they have to be here.

Now if it was only that I guess I could live with it. We are not hiding anything or super slobby so I guess we could just get on with life. But no, it's also everything else they do.

Now we live down a long, really, really, long road. On our road is subdivisions and houses. If you don't live back here there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you would ever come back her for anything. No business, no park, no landmark, no pretty view, just lots and lots of private property.

The wife drives by our house everyday.

Yes she does really, every single day. I have several times caught her and waved at her and she pretends she is not looking at the house. She maintains that she doesn't ever drive by the house unless we know she is coming. The kids say they see her at least 4x a week. While they don't come in they have made it known that the husband drives by every week to check on the work that the lawn guy we hired is doing.

Oh yes, I forgot about this. Here is a good example. I was having a birthday party for one of my kids and we had a house full of guests. On one of the trips that the wife doesn't make by our house, she noticed that a bush was dying. She went home got her gardening things came back and pulled out the bush during the party.

Another time we went on vacation, we thought that they might be coming in the house to check it out while we were gone. I paid the alarm company to change the number. When we got back the alarm was still on but for some reason I couldn't turn it off. Finally when the police and tech showed up to fix it, I was told that it had been set off several days sooner and they house owner had they come out and turn it off and reset the alarm back to the original code. We are now looking for a new place to live, since I am not going to live in a house where the landlords do illegal things.

And while I am on this topic let me tell you that I just got a call this morning that they are coming over to clean the outside window ledges. I guess the are too dirty and she wants them clean for the winter.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Broken Fitness Streak

Well again I did something stupid. I hurt my knee yesterday and ended my 6 day fitness streak.

I was talking to my daughter and as usual she got mad at me and was stomping around the house. I told her to stop stomping and she declared that she was not stomping. So being upset with her I proceeded to stomp around the room showing her how she was acting. That was my mistake. At some point my left foot slipped on the carpet and my kneed went past the locked position. It was super painful. I ended up hopping around the house for the rest of the day. It's feeling much better today and I am going to take it super easy for a couple of days to make sure that it doesn't get any worse.

I just am so annoyed I feel like things like this are always happening just when I seem to get going. I need to get through it this time and keep on with my goals rather then letting it set me back to the beginning.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just as simple as eating on a treadmill

Since it is getting cold here I have been doing more and more of my workouts on the Wii. I own just about every fitness game that they have made for the Wii including:

Walk it out
Biggest Loser Game
Jillian Michaels 2009 & 2010 & 2011
Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus
EA Sports Active 1 & 2 & More Workouts
My fitness Coach
and more that I can't even think about right now.

My favorite to do during the day is Walk it out. To be honest it was an epic fail of a game, but I love it dearly. You create your character and have the option of walking with a Wiimote in your pocket, on a DDR pad, or the Wii balance board. I use the DDR mat it's the only real way to count for the game and get a real workout. So once you have all of this you walk in place on the board in time with some music around this virtual island. Each time you step on rhythm (It's called  rhythm island) you collect chips. You can use the chips to unlock more of the island, new songs, rainbows, trees, buildings, car, stores, homes, and just about everything you would find in a normal city. Pretty much when you start the whole island is just a bunch of bubbles and you have to "buy" them with the chips to open everything up. This is not easy and it takes forever. I am only about 33% open and I have been on it for about a year. Some people who play with it about 30 minutes a day everyday say that you can open up everything in about 3 months if you stick with it. I just have too many workout games to stick with anything.

So back to the original point. There I am in the last part of my workout having been walking in place on the mat on this virtual island for 70 minutes and a virtual 3.1 miles later and I hear CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH. I'm staring at the Wii hoping that it's not going to break down any time soon and I hear it again. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH. I stop walking and turn around. There is my husband with a king sized kit kat and an entire row a saltines standing behind me watching me work out and eating.

So I ask him what he's doing. He says "Oh Nothing. Want some kit kat?"........ At this point I'm thinking seriously? What's wrong with you? How many people do you know eat chocolate and workout at the same time?

All this after the whole I can't fit on the Wii board thing. I just keep on taking deep breaths and not looking back at him and his food.

Seriously. Thin feels better then that Kit Kat tastes anyways.

Ups and Downs

First with the ups.

I am now officially 3.3 lbs lighter. My first week went great and I am so happy with my outcome. It's given me a great amount of strength to know that I can do this and lose all the weight I need to lose.

There are somethings that I worry about. Like will my skin go back. I don't want to be one of those people who look like someone fluffed them out and then have to go and have it fixed.

As for the down, it's kind of depressing. You want so badly for everyone to come on board and be with you. It's not always like that though. We are moving in the right direction. Both of my kids are starting to eat more healthy and my husband is now on board. This is not without it's own situation.

In my house we do not own a scale. The closest thing that we own is a Wii. We have the Wii fit plus game and since no one really uses it anymore I use it as a charting tool. I update my kids heights and I weight them occasionally. Everyone in the house get's weighted on Family Weigh Day. Other then that I try and keep the kids from getting obsessed with the number on the screen. Even for my own weigh in's which are weekly to record progress on my bodybugg site, I do it while they are at school. Now family weigh day was yesterday, since we missed the actual day. Everyone got weighed and finally it was time for my husband. He gets on the board and the program tells him that it cannot weight him. What?!? It must be a mistake right? So we try again, and again, and finally again. Nope, not a mistake.

I hope that you are seeing where I am going with this.

If you don't let me let you in on a little secret. The Wii Fit Balance Board has a weight limit of 330 lbs.

Now lets put all the together. If the game will not weigh him anymore then he actually put on weight and is now over 330 lbs. I'm pissed. That means from the last time that he weighed in he gained at least 15 lbs. Seriously? Why am I pissed? Because even when I was not trying to lose weight the whole purpose of family weigh day was to at least maintain your weight and not gain anymore. I know it's not good to be or stay fat, but if your not losing it, it's better then nothing to not be gaining more.

Let me know what you think. Am I way off on this for being mad at him?

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I cannot wait until tomorrow. I ordered a new BodyBugg and it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Right now I have to take my arm armband off and plug it into the computer. The new unit is Bluetooth and will connect to my IPad or my android phone. It will be much easier to see my numbers when I am not at home or when working out.

Lunch today was ok we went to Cracker Barrel. I caved and ate a cheeseburger. Since Cracker Barrl doesn't publish their nutrition info I tried to piece it together. 1200 calories lateri gave up. I have been tracking my calories for years and I'm pretty sure I was over estimating but I'm going to leave it that way better to have a higher deficit then over eat.

Lastly, talk about temptation, McDonalds put the small mochas on sale for several days for $1. I can't remember how many I drank when they did this last year. Then again there is the same reason I now weigh 280 lbs.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I kinda fell off the wagon there. I started the blog and then did nothing. Not a very good start if you ask me.

But I restated on Wednesday and I finally am going in the right direction. Here is the break down from my last 2 days.

Thursday, December 1
Calories in: 2052
Calories out: 2905
Deficit: 853
Physical Activity: 37 minutes
Steps: 5607
Comments: I had an awesome, first day restart! Shouldn't have eaten the late snack and I would have been much better off.

Friday, December 2
Calories in: 1826
Calories out: 3342
Deficit: 1516
Physical Activity: 47 minutes
Steps: 4225
Comments: Did much better today. I drank a couple cans of soda and need to cut it out.

As of this morning I am down .9 lbs. So if I am planning on lost about 2lbs a week I am right on track for this week. If you are wondering how I got the numbers above it's because I track my food, every single bite and I wear a BodyBugg (that thing the biggest loser people wear). I love mine and the insight that it give  me into what I'm actually doing with my body and day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the beginning .....

Well actually in the right now. Right now I am 286.5 lbs. There I said it and I'm not taking it back. I'm actually carrying around the equivalent of another person with the 146.5 lbs that I have to lose.

First things first. I have decided to be 110% completely honest. Anything I say is straight from my lips and is not influenced buy anyone. I love new things and will more then likely review some things of my choosing here. If you have something you want to show me, feel free but understand that I'm going to tell it like it is and you might not like what that is.

Now on to more about me.

This is me:

I promise that I will not pose for your in a sports bra and spandex. This is as naked as I get for a long, long, long while. While you would not want to see me in less then this now, maybe you will later and we will talk about that then.

Goals: Everyone needs goals! My main goal is to go back to being 145. I think that I was happy and could breath at 145. Here are some photos of what I looked like a different weights and where I finally want to get back to.
200 lbs

140 lbs and so young

 I plan on being here regularly and as often as I can so try and check back often and keep me motivated and on track.

How do I plan on losing the weight? Slowly. I feel that it's the best way and while I am not longer 18 it's not going to just come off on it's own.

I am using a BodyBugg and I love it to death. I am a control freak and nothing gives me more satification then being to know every movement that I took thougout the day. It always irked me that you could track your food and exercise and know the formulas but in the end it was still a good guess. Not anymore. I am cutting back to about 1800 calories a day and I am going to try and exercise 60 minutes. I am going to put up some charts soon so that everyone can see my progress.

My first goal is 10 lbs by 11/28/2011

Wish me luck