Sunday, December 4, 2011


I cannot wait until tomorrow. I ordered a new BodyBugg and it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Right now I have to take my arm armband off and plug it into the computer. The new unit is Bluetooth and will connect to my IPad or my android phone. It will be much easier to see my numbers when I am not at home or when working out.

Lunch today was ok we went to Cracker Barrel. I caved and ate a cheeseburger. Since Cracker Barrl doesn't publish their nutrition info I tried to piece it together. 1200 calories lateri gave up. I have been tracking my calories for years and I'm pretty sure I was over estimating but I'm going to leave it that way better to have a higher deficit then over eat.

Lastly, talk about temptation, McDonalds put the small mochas on sale for several days for $1. I can't remember how many I drank when they did this last year. Then again there is the same reason I now weigh 280 lbs.

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