Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creepy Landlords

I have had many, many landlords in my life. We have always lived in houses and only once did I rent an apartment and have to deal with a company. It's usually just the landlord and us. Most of the landlords we have had are just fine. They want their rent, they do a yearly walk through, and they are done.

Except the landlords that we have now. They are a couple and they creep me out. They are not creepy looking or have creepy personalities like some people that you don't even want to stand near. Actually as people if you met them out in a restaurant they are perfectly normal people and you wouldn't think twice. That's what we thought until we moved in.

First off they insist on doing a full walk through of the house every 3 months. They also tie this is with not allowing us to change any air filter, water filter, or septic solution by ourselves they maintain that it must be done properly and for that to happen they have to be here.

Now if it was only that I guess I could live with it. We are not hiding anything or super slobby so I guess we could just get on with life. But no, it's also everything else they do.

Now we live down a long, really, really, long road. On our road is subdivisions and houses. If you don't live back here there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you would ever come back her for anything. No business, no park, no landmark, no pretty view, just lots and lots of private property.

The wife drives by our house everyday.

Yes she does really, every single day. I have several times caught her and waved at her and she pretends she is not looking at the house. She maintains that she doesn't ever drive by the house unless we know she is coming. The kids say they see her at least 4x a week. While they don't come in they have made it known that the husband drives by every week to check on the work that the lawn guy we hired is doing.

Oh yes, I forgot about this. Here is a good example. I was having a birthday party for one of my kids and we had a house full of guests. On one of the trips that the wife doesn't make by our house, she noticed that a bush was dying. She went home got her gardening things came back and pulled out the bush during the party.

Another time we went on vacation, we thought that they might be coming in the house to check it out while we were gone. I paid the alarm company to change the number. When we got back the alarm was still on but for some reason I couldn't turn it off. Finally when the police and tech showed up to fix it, I was told that it had been set off several days sooner and they house owner had they come out and turn it off and reset the alarm back to the original code. We are now looking for a new place to live, since I am not going to live in a house where the landlords do illegal things.

And while I am on this topic let me tell you that I just got a call this morning that they are coming over to clean the outside window ledges. I guess the are too dirty and she wants them clean for the winter.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That IS creepy. I can totally see why you'd want to move.. I mean, this is a BIT overboard.... !!