Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Plans and Replanning

As I have talked about before we are leaving for Christmas very soon. We are planning on staying with my In-laws for 13 days with the possibility of also going to see my grandmother who is 4 hours of where we are going.

Today my mother, who I have not talked to for several year (4 or 5) would like the kids to come and see them for a day or two. Now my son is Autistic and will not stay with most people but he loves my parents and we would be staying at a hotel near by that they offered to pay for. That way if anything happens we are pretty close and can take care of it.

This is where the problem starts.

Trying to fit everyone in I proposed that we could leave on on the same day, Go to my parents for the night, Go to his parents for 6 nights, to my grandmothers for 2 nights, and then back to his parents for 4 nights. He freaked out and had a fit. Now were not talking about I told him this is what we are doing, I mean I went and said what do you think about this plan? He freaked.

Finally when he was calmer I asked him to come down and talk about it. He looked at the calendar and told me that instead we would go to his parents for 6 nights, my grandmothers for 2 and then my mothers for the night effectively cutting our trip short by 4 days and 3 nights. As he walked away he made a comment that it didn't matter if we were going to be home early on new years since he wasn't going to get what he wants anyways.

So again I asked him, when he was calmer, exactly what he ment and what he wanted. His response was that he wanted to go to his parents for the whole 13 nights and that's it. And then he said that reguardless it would be so much longer to do it my way rather then his. I looked it up but didn't tell him. His way 1,493 miles - My way 1,543. 50 Miles.

OK? Seriously? And not see any of my family at all?
It's now just that he's being a baby and only wanted to see his family, who I should mention we just saw last since they came to visit us. But the fact that why would you want to put me in that position. I love his parents and they are super nice and all, but who wants to be in someone else's house for 13 days. Unless it was going to one of my parents homes, or my grandmothers, I would feel weird anywhere but a hotel. I figured if we saw someone else it would break up the trip and didn't think twice about it when I talked about going to go and see my grandmother. Before now he had not said anything about going to see her at all other then if we were able to afford it we could go. I have talked the whole time about going in the middle of the trip because I wanted to break the trip by

Oh Yea, that's another thing. I must have mentioned breaking the trip up 50 times since I stated that I wanted to go to my grandmother. Today he tells me that I didn't say anything and that he always planned on leaving early and going to see her at the end. Great only 11 days at my In-laws.

I'm at a stand still with him and it's to the point where I told everyone that we are not going anywhere. It was all still waiting to be finalized anyways. I figure at least if he gets his way 1 person will get be happy because if I get what I want he's just going to be such a baby that he's going to make everyone else miserable too.

Great. Merry Christmas to me. Since me and the husband don't exchange gifts I guess I get nothing at all this year.


  1. Jeez.... excuse me, but what a tool. Where does he get off being so selfish? The holidays are supposed to be about family, not just HIS family. Ridiculous behaviour.

  2. once again i gotta agree with ms. maren -- that is just NOT cool.

    now i am not for breaking families up @ xmas -- but if he isn't game -- any way you might go on your own? leave him with his family alone & take off to see yours with the kiddos? just a thought?

    juggling the family time @ xmas is just super stressful -- sorry yours is to the extreme!