Sunday, January 1, 2012

First post of the New Year

I am going to have 2 posts today. So read this one and then read the other one lol.

I wanted to wrap up last year and then close it off before moving on to this year.

So lets talk about last year. As you know I was having husband/trip drama. In the end it all turned out ok. When we got to Florida we had a couple of blow ups and on the second one I told my husband that I called my grandmother and mother and told them we were not going. In reality I had not really called anyone I just wanted him to feel bad and come around to my side of things. Ok I'll say it I Lied to him. Well it kinda back fired. He was trying to find a number and noticed that I had not actually called anyone the day before and confronted me about it on Christmas morning. Which only led to a lot of tears. I understand that I shouldn't have done what I did. Or that I actually should have called, but that's not the point. So he ended up being all mad at me on Christmas and the day after.

We did end up going to see both my Grandmother and my Mother and it was ok. We had a fun time got to see lots of people that I have not seen in like 15 years. We went to lunch with a really good friend who I have not seen in 9 years and I can't wait to go back.

In the end do I feel bad about it? Yes and No. I think he was being assy and think he needed a wake up call. Was my way the best way to go about doing it, probably not. Would I do again again, Maybe. I still think that he was being very unfair about the whole vacation and keeps saying that I took away his time by declaring that we were going to see my grandmother but it's not what actually happened.

We got home on the 30th and spent the New Year together alone as a family last night. I'm really, really glad to be home and starting the New Year.

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